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How to do string braids

10 Apr - 10 min - Uploaded by Jennifer Slaven Jennifer Slaven shows you how to work with embroidery floss, thread, or yarn to make a. 21 Aug - 5 min - Uploaded by Rayann Here's how to decorate braids with yarn string. Accessorize and wrap your box braids in. 18 Dec - 4 min - Uploaded by Braids By Chinia MY FAVORITE HAIR PRODUCTS Braiding Hair: gunufely.tk Gel: gunufely.tk

If you want a fancier braid, you could cut 6 or 9 strings instead, then divide them into 3 groups. 6 days ago Part 2. Adding the Thread. Hold the 3 strands of embroidery floss by their ends. Pass the ends through the hair above the elastic, or through the top of the plait next to the scalp. Count 6 strands next to your braid. Begin braiding the threads. Add beads to the end if you wish. Cut off any excess thread. Tie a small knot with the string to the base of the braid and wrap string around the braid. Experiment with How to do one of those floss string hair wraps String.

Embroidery thread wrapped hair String Hair Wraps, Thread Hair Wraps, Diy 90s hair wrap tutorial Thread Hair Wraps, Braids With Beads, How To Make Hair. Cut out 5 different color strings, arms length, and tie a knot at the top to connect them. Lay them out on a table or flat surface. Tape your strings down, and begin. If you do happen to run out of string I will tell you what to do later in the instructable. After you have done this braid the hair all the way down and band the end. Some Braids. Tie four strands together with a knot and fix them down. Pick up the left hand strand. Move it over the top of the two strands to its right, and then go back under the second of these two. Now pick up the right hand strand. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your cord is long enough. There's so much that you can do with box braids. Styling options are endless and accessorizing them is infinite. Check out these 5 ways.

Choose a wisp of hair at your temple or along the part and braid it halfway. For a fancier beginning, when making the knot, bring the threads through the loop. Find the biggest selection of products from Creamily. Shop online for fragrances, make-up and cosmetics, skin care, nail care, male grooming and more at. gunufely.tk: HairPhocas 8 Colors Magic Hair Strings Box Braids Hair Deco It's so much easier to create these hair strings in front of your vs. trying to do them . It can also be used to convert lengths of string or colored plastic into pleasing flat Braiding Option: Separate your hair into three bundles but do not continue.